Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singin, cookin, and discipline

Dear Life, 
       Thanks for getting the most INAPPLICABLE song stuck in my head this week. Yes, Jack, I really do want to sleep in and make banana pancakes (especially with you (even though you are happily married (is this too many parenthesis?))) But unfortch, I can't do that because of things like class and leading Young Life, and worrying. Bananas are a great segue into a fun treat/dinner I made this week. 

Okay so this was super simple. I had bananas. I happened to have crushed pecans (from an intended pecan-crusted chicken that never came to fruition). I sautéed the bananas, toasted the nuts in the oven, sprinkled some sugar here and there- voilá! I had a cute little meal (should be a side meal but wasn't too hungry). Still could use more taste though, so I might consider candied nuts or my aunt suggested a little brown sugar.
Heeehanyway, thanks Life for letting me teach 2 more periods today! But big fat bummer for fifth-grader-Fabian who had to sit in the hallway for a couple minutes. You don't sass Ms. Bishop and get away with it.

ready for spring or some heavy snow fall, 

p.s.- Thank you Amelie Miltenberger for loving me despite my 4-year-old staining tendency and gifting me with a tide-to-go pen. U r da kewlest.

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  1. i feel the same way. either spring and warm or snow and days off.