Monday, February 14, 2011

"Have no envy, have no fear"

Dear Life, 
       Here's to Josua Radin concerts, girl scout cookies, and finding out your last-minute-homework isn't due until the next night! CAN I GET A WHAT WHAT!?
But Life, can you do something about my practicum teacher who says she is "go with the flow" and "flexible" but then when I submit my lesson plan asks me "where is this? How come you didn't include this? Why aren't you doing this?" WHOA. A time out for you until you learn to be more specific and answer my questions instead of saying you're fine with what I want to do and you'll hand me the reins. (But for realsie folks, she is a nice lady and a good teacher)
Also, I am actually looking forward to some cold weather so I can make these. And the answer is yes, if you are reading this then you are deserving of a glass. And yes to your second question, I will probably add kahlua. Whoops.
So Life, talk with Mother Nature who can speak with God and yall settle on how much snowfall you wanna send (in inches por favor).

Procrastinatingly yours, 

p.s.- I was too embarrassed to make mention in the actual letter about how I cracked a tooth this weekend. Really Life, really????

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