Friday, March 16, 2012

on the Best

I have had all these streams of conversations/studies about submission, denying myself, trusting the Lord lately...and all of these streams seem to stem from one grand outpouring truth that is: God knows what is best for me. He has His best in mind. It is not about the end product. It is about the process of becoming more and more HIS. I want to be His, but not just the simple knowledge that I am His. But making the choice, to believe I am His and I can stay His amidst any circumstance, any decision, any trial, etc.

OH that it would always be this way in my heart and mind. That I would not be deceived into believing there is any other way more appealing, more satisfying. 
Can't help but feel like the theme verse for this is Romans 8:28. I hate to admit that I am guilty of slight feelings of cliché towards this verse. That is silly. 

this song is lovely. Have a listen. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

on major choices & sweet trips

What if I move home??
What if my life completely changes, not just geographically (as if that isn't big enough) but socially, vocationally, spiritually, etc etc ??

I can 'what if' until the cows come home (which they won't...its California). But, I am praying and wondering and seeking and reading and receiving counsel.

This weekend I am going to Manhattan and I am very excited! Saturday I will literally be bakery-hopping. My friend writes a food blog/column for an online magazine and so she does things like this on the reg. She sent me 5 links which contained more links to New York's tastiest donut shops, bakeries, cupcake joints, and MORE. I came up with 6 places for us to "sample" our way through. Tomorrow will definitely bring a long run in preparation for a sugary weekend. 
i go home in 13 days.

p.s. I forgot a happy cow is a California cow. I'll retract my former statement.