Friday, June 3, 2011

On sunshine and sunburns

Dear Lifesies, 
         Perhaps in a twisted sort of way I enjoy a good sunburn. There are several reasons for this. For starters, the result. For me, the most likely end result will be turning my skin into that nice olivey brown color it takes on. The color that I always considered natural until I moved to a horrible place they call the "east coast". (just kidding folks, i love [most of] the ec) 
       Another reason I love getting sunburned is because it makes me feel alive. You know how it seems most of the male gender enjoy inflicting pain on themselves at one point or another? Be it wrestling, boxing, singeing off their leg hairs with a lighter, playing bloody knuckles, doing belly flops...and I could go on? Well this is my rabbit hole into that strange phenomenon. The pain feels good, its warm and stinging sensation reminds me that I am alive and that rays of the sun are in me! AH!
        This afternoon I departed the beach being fairly assured that I had been burned by the sun. I was excited with, albeit, a bit of nervousness as well regarding the pain that was sure to accompany my new state. Now, today I did not intend to get sunburned. Yesterday, yes, yesterday I might have been purposefully careless in order to ensure some color. But, today I applied sunscreen, just not very well and probably should have reapplied more often. Nonetheless, here I am, burnt. It's a funny idea to think of myself as burnt, isn't it?
EXCEPTION: the lateral sides of my thighs. I heave a huge sigh as I inform you that the right side of my right thigh, and the left side of my left thigh are still quite pale. They are living in a cottage with 7 dwarfs. In fact, they appear even whiter up next to the tan/red hue of the rest of my leg. Because the sun does not directly hit that spot as easily. It's sooo frustrating! I want an even tan!

However, this blog writer is still delightfully pleased with the discomfort of a sunburn. :)

lobsteringly yours, 

p.s.- let us pray that peeling is not in my future!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

it don't come easily

Dear Life, 
       if a person slumbers and there is no one around to hear- do their snores make a sound? That's what I have been catching up on- sweet, sensible, sleep. Although this does present the problem of more dreaming; and if you do not already know I HATE DREAMS. 
      I was digging into an orange earlier and it's juices were spilling out onto my hands and it tasted quite delectable. Simple things. 
      I tend to live out my day in an entirely selfish way. Especially if that day is in the middle of summer, with my job still a good week away and no other real obligations. I want to work on that. Mom needs help sorting out boxes and such for the house move (insert sad emoticon and actual forlorn face here). And the Lord deserves a good chunk of my day reserved for processing Israel and praying for life, friends, Zababdeh (small town in the West Bank), etc. Even the beach has not received my adequate attention. There are grains of sand to be scuffled, waves to be surfed, and sunsets to be admired. I am sounding more selfless already, aren't I?
But for serious, here is to glorifying the Lord more in my every day life!

zealously yours, 

p.s.- Another smattering of thoughts for a post because too many giant events and overarching thoughts to even begin something worthwhile. Beggin your pardon- I'm sure you don't mind.