Thursday, March 21, 2013

On baking

I have been thinking about things I love and what I am passionate about and what brings me joy. 

So, why do I love to bake? 

Well the two answers that come immediately to mind are: I love sweets and baked goods and they taste SO good in my mouth. And the second, I love making people happy, and one thing that people will always want/need is food. 
With baking, it's hard to go wrong. I mean, yes it is precise and you need to pay attention and follow instructions- but I am good at that. I like to know exactly what to do in order to get such and such a result. Is there a word for someone like me? I want to know explicitly what to do so I won't go wrong and I can perform what is expected of me. Back to what I was saying, even if you do go a little wrong you can always try to make the recipe again, and often someone will always eat whatever you made. Baking is a healthy distraction for me. It's more productive than watching television, less exhausting than exercise, and more rewarding than when a waitress brings out your food. 
I can't help but go back to the fact that I love to share and I love knowing that someone will enjoy the sweet morsels I mix, mash, whip, combine, spread, roll and serve.
Baking is cathartic. And it's creative. You never need to run out of things to make. There are plenty of recipes out there waiting to be brought to fruition! 

I am getting all excited maybe I will make something today! Better search the interweb for new ideas...