Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on Joseph Gordon Levitt

      I just love him. So much. Sometimes, I get that super irrational feeling girls can get when they believe that the attractive and witty film star on the screen might just be the real life version of him as well. And maybe if he and I met in real life he might think I was funny and smart and cute. 
      Or, if I don't get that irrational I at least lead myself to believe that his character in such-a-such movie is exactly what I am looking for in a man. Only, HE'S FICTIONAL. And I am left falling for a movie star. Only, I'm not falling for him in the slightest, it's just what the movie gods want me to think so I will keep funding their multi-billion dollar cooperation. UGH.

In any case, JGL is hot and everything I want in a boyfriend

Monday, October 8, 2012

Am I making sense?

Life was good today. But I want to make sure that I connect all that goodness to God. Even if certain things do not seem directly correlated to Him. A friend of mine unknowingly said something that convicted me. She was sharing with me her struggle with doing selfish things lately. For example, going to the beach with her friends and then having a barbecue all together and topping it off with a round of games and a movie sounds like the perfect Saturday. But, she would feel so self-satisfying at the end. It had nothing to do with the Lord, other than her surrounding company being Christians. It was so privileged, so all about temporary pleasures. Often I'll dream up the perfect day and it hardly contains direct references to God. 

So, let me tell you about today, first. It was Columbus day (woop-dee-doo) so school was closed (WOOP-DEE-DOO!). I woke up, put on my cute outfit and made myself some tea. Laura and I met up and had lunch at a delicious bakery that specializes in all kinds of breads. Oh yeah, the good stuff. Bread. I had the best sandwich, since Williamsburg when I ate that turkey one at the Cheese shop, which was the best sandwich since my italian sub in New York. ANYWAY, this turkey avocado bacon gorgonzola sun-dried tomato lettuce piece of heaven was just the beginning. Laura and I popped into an incredibly overpriced yet very lovely, antique-y kind of homeware shop. It was fun to explore in there. Then we drove to Balboa park, strolled around the pond and Botanical conservatory taking artsy pictures and ooh-ing and ah-ing at the pretty plants. We ended with a blanket and some delicious pastries from my beloved bread cafe. We lay in the shade and read before laying in the sun and reading. Then we peeked in the gift shop and left a few bucks poorer. 
All in all, a total success. 

I want the Lord to be apart of my day, though. More than that, I want Him to infiltrate my entire day. And He sort of did. 
Here is how: I spent some time in the Word before I left for my outing. I sat on our balcony and sang and told God I loved Him. I spent all day with a dear friend and sister in the Lord. Her company means that most of what we say should be pleasing to the Lord. And, I believe our friendship delights the Lord. I drank in the beauty of my city and in my heart gave credit to God. I can be thankful and following what the Bible says by having that attitude of gratitude. I read a Christian book while soaking up the sun on my self-indulgent day. And, we listened to Christian music in the car...that can seem like such a silly thing but if you think about it, it is not. It could change what we talk about, the lyrics could spontaneously remind us of God's goodness. It is a small thing and yet still affects quite a bit. 

What I am saying through all of this is that I don't want to live life for me so much. I am privileged and blessed and I am not going to feel guilty for opportunities I have, but I am going to try and give up more of my life...or at the very least--> find the Lord in all aspects of my day. And when I can't, then that day was meaningless.