Friday, June 28, 2013

Dos dias

Two days. 

Two days before I embark upon this month-long trip to a foreign country. It won't really hit me until I step off of that plane onto Spanish ground. I'll be honest, I get scared thinking about it. I am not sure what I am scared of exactly. Actually, that's not true. In this moment I am only scared of getting from the Alicante airport to the small town of Altea all on my own. Figuring out the bus system, the currency, etc. I keep reminding myself that I am an adult. Basically. ish. 

You know what, though? I am ready for this. (ready-ish) I just want to get there and start serving the Lord. But I also want to get there and not be all about "doing". Lord, teach me the balance of just "being" and also "doing" your work. Break the unhealthy patterns I have caring so much what others think. And depending on my comfortable, American life. I want to be free. Use this month for big things in my faith, God. I am desperate for change. 

Two days until I am in Altea, Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean with like 15 other people in my group ready to read the Bible together, meet new people, and say YES. Yes to relationships that can lead to sharing about Jesus. Yes to going outside of my comfort zone, for the sake of trusting God more. Yes to letting God love me just as I am, faults and all. 

Dos dias. YES!

Monday, June 10, 2013

An ode to a forever friend

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one". -- C.S. Lewis 

I have a friend and she is like a sister to me. We quarrel and we spat words at each other and then the next day we giggle and share stories by the shoreline, and then the next day we discuss God & his ways, and then the following day we curiously wonder about our future lives & future spouses, and then the next day we snuggle and watch our shared television programs. She has forgiven me, she has encouraged me, she has prayed for me, she has competed against me, she has competed with me, she has shared her life with me and I have shared mine with hers. Amidst a lot of inconsistencies she has remained a constant friend. 
She has opened my eyes to new places, new worlds in books, new adventures, new wisdom (old wisdom- but new to me). 
Laura Boyer is like the wind. At times she presses forward as a stubborn force. Other times she is a breeze, refreshing and good for the soul. Another time she can be unpredictable; where will she go next, how will she swirl and soar? 

This wind, Laura, is leaving me. For a time. She goes on to PerĂº where only the Lord truly knows what lies in store for her. Her light has only gotten brighter and now she must shine it elsewhere. Sometimes God is like the wind, too. He sweeps you up and if you don't fight or move against Him He will carry you to His will. And that is a good place to be, swept up in the Lord. 

This is a tribute to my sweet Laura, my big sister. You are such an important person in my life that what might only be 6 months still seems like too long to be apart.