Wednesday, May 14, 2014

more loved than I ever dared to hope

Lately I have been chewing on so many big ideas and lessons from the Lord. 

If only I just had days to sit and think and pray and walk with God; days to listen. 

I have been listening to a couple Tim Keller sermons. I like that guy. 

One of the ideas I have been chewing on is serving Jesus and truly living for him without making it about works and needing to earn approval or salvation. BUT, also not thinking 'oh grace grace grace I'll just live my normal life'. 

Tim Keller says being in the presence of God, surrounded by his Holiness, means coming to the realization that "I am more wicked than I ever imagined and more loved than I ever dared to hope". 

He talks about living out of this place of humility, being aware that I am deserving of nothing. But, also walking in boldness because I have been given everything through Christ. 

Keller says, often Christians look at the acts of people in the Bible and think "that's terrible what a horrible example of someone following God". And yet, the whole purpose of the Gospel is to point at the saving grace of Jesus and not to point at the failures of humanity. It's not "how can David be a man of God?" but rather "thanks to the mercy of God David can be a man of God". 

I hope I can find the balance to do all I can for Jesus out of a humble love and desire, rather than desperation for approval or fear that I am not doing enough.