Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hey, why do cleaning supplies always say "kills 99.9% of germs"? If it only killed 89.9% do you think they would put that? Probably not, because people would freak out about those 10.1%. 
But like, 99.9% sure seems like a fake statistic to me. I guess you can't guarantee the removal of all germs.

I had no intention of making this spiritual when I began this post, I just wanted to be silly. But, praise Him for being present and real and good 100% of the time. I gotta believe that. Not even just 99.9%, but the whole enchilada. 

Speaking of whole enchiladas, we have a lot of idioms in America. I need to learn more Spanish idioms. 

Speaking of Spanish, I am going back to Spain this summer, provided I raise the required amount. If you're reading this you will probably get my support letter. I hope you want to support me (financially I mean). I am really looking forward to returning to Altea.