Tuesday, April 26, 2011

O sweet spontaneous earth

Dear Life,
I need to pause more often. 
Just this late afternoon I wound up having some unexpected free time and pulled over to what appeared to be a scenic road. I stopped and got out and plopped onto the grass. Often I punish myself for thinking too much, especially about issues or circumstances I feel can injure my heart if I dwell on them. But, perhaps I need to give myself some healthy moments of peace where I can think and breathe and see that my thoughts are not going to bring the world crashing down on me. It was a beautiful day. I was lying down on my stomach, propped up on my elbows, taking special notice of everything surrounding me. The blades of grass were dancing and fluttering endlessly in the wind, with the few vibrant yellow flowers close by bobbing up and down. There were birds flying and zipping from tree to tree, and others were singing their repeating melodies. Two high whistles and one lower one. Two high whistles and one lower one. Like a chorus in a song. The clouds were wonderful. All sorts were out today. There were the wispy long ones that look like a paint brush sweeped them across the sky. There were those full and majestic clouds that look proud and of whitest white. And then I saw some like cotton balls with the ends all teased out. The sun was not quite saying farewell but was definitely not at it's strongest. There were rolling hills in the distance, and a church with it's empty parking lot right next to my peaceful spot.
Sacrifices need to be made more often for me to set aside time like I had today. 
Thanks for letting me get all lyrically descriptive up in hurr. I just felt like taking my artsy thoughts and putting them on [internet] paper. 

wistfully yours, 

p.s.- another e. e. cummings poem in my title. Cheeyeck it out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So photogenic

Dear Life,
      So I have this tendency to go on to the National Geographic website, to the countries section, and just choose a country and look at the pictures & occasionally read some facts (Jamaica has been colonized since 1494!!).

Today I share with you some of my favorite photos (bear in my mind I still have much exploring to do on the sight, these pitchyas are a small percentage). Click to enlarge.
This is in Mumbai, India at a [hard-to-pronounce] railway station. I love the blurriness with the still frame. And the architecture of the building is so elegant.
The North Pole??? No such luck. This is a view of Svalbard, Norway, at night with snow-covered mountains.
The vibrant colors are just shouting beauty and I just love how they adorn their wrists with gorgeous crafts. These are Maasai women in Kenya. 
These little girls in Brazil are wearing beautiful head wraps that make them look like young ladies. If only I could rock one as well as they do.
Vacation getaway to the South Pacific island of Tonga, anyone?? It's quite small and quite breathtaking. 

This might become a habitual occurrence on my blog- to display my findings during my internet travels. 

hoping to be an actual world traveler, 

p.s.- which photo do you love the best y por qué?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

freezie pops > a downpour

Dearest Life, 
       I am excited about the hopefully auspicious event of Graffiti Goes Out with a Pop(sicle)! What a good time it is bound to be. Please Lord bless us with favorable weather. I want the conviviality to be wildly out of hand. I want the merriment to be maximized and the enjoyment to be endless. 

       I had far too many cats and dogs fall all over me today. This pouring rain does not fly with me. It actually makes me angry. Please just let me be angry, I am not an angry person so it is unnecessary to press your optimism upon me- I am allowed to dislike something. And today that something is COLD, HEAVY RAIN. Thank you, Life.

       Let's hear a hip hip hoo-rah! for my social activeness lately. And doing it all without spending actual money (JMU dining dollars does not count). Reminding me of my extrovert tendencies is the energy and joy I gained from intentional time spent with many friends today and last night. Cowabunga! I'm surfing the waves of friendship. And it is refreshing.
(Great now I am even more dejected about the weather and yearn for the beach)

Parsimoniously yours, 

p.s.- Graffiti goes out with a POP! and I am left here with a sob. Such is Life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Like what you like and be who you be

Dear Life,
       I love playing Ultimate Frisbee. I love being on a team of people who are going to try their best, not just to win but because it feels good to care and be fervent about something. Many people don't understand competitiveness in sports but boy I sure do. Ultimate is a sport I feel confident in. I like being an integral part of a team. Because in volleyball, yeah I can hold my own and might not be bad, but still. It's like cereal...it might not be bad for your health but it's not hugely improving it, either. In frisbee I feel more like grapes or lettuce (not quite the gnarliest vegetable/fruit). I like strategizing when to cut in and where to send the disc; how to flick it so it arches over that guys head & into my teammate's hands. Sports can sometimes be an art form.
       I was talking to a very good friend of mine about being who we are and being okay with who we are. I thought of how I enjoy sports and being competitive. Often I feel like I should apologize for that. Perhaps it's the stigma that only men can get roused up about athletics, or that it is not Christian to want to win or to care so much about a game. I call it passion. And I take personal affront to those who claim I am not being "lady-like". 

I grew up with 4 boys, 

p.s.- What is something you might feel silly about being passionate towards?!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, Cornelia where art thou?

Dear Life, 
       Our toilet won't stop running. It's making this constant rushing sound that I aint tryin to have- and now it won't flush. Good riddance to that john! Cheese and rice that baño is one thing I will not miss about the Graffiti House. And our freezing cold downstairs either. Which I will admit was nice yesterday when it was sunny and warm (AS IT SHOULD BE (IN FREAKIN APRIL)).
      I have been thinking how nice it would be to have a servant. No no just picture it with me for a moment. Or think of a butler if that eases your conscience. I wake up in the morning and I have to get ready super quick (and doing anything at more than a glacial pace one minute after waking is dang near impossible for me)- I would love to say "Cornelia (that's what I imagine her name being) start the tea kettle/coffee pot please." or while I'm in the shower "Cornelia! Would you lay out my SDSU sweatshirt and skinny jeans on my bed, please". Even those few minutes would be a great help. Come on, you know you want one, even just a little bizzle, am I rizzle? 

Now Life, these gloomy days? Hell to the no. Cut out that mess. My tan from urban jungle is gone. Up-set-ting.

naturalistically yours, 

p.s.- I saw this band last night and it was magical. I wish I was still in the venue closing my eyes and engulfed in their powerful sound waves. Unforgettable.