Saturday, April 16, 2011

So photogenic

Dear Life,
      So I have this tendency to go on to the National Geographic website, to the countries section, and just choose a country and look at the pictures & occasionally read some facts (Jamaica has been colonized since 1494!!).

Today I share with you some of my favorite photos (bear in my mind I still have much exploring to do on the sight, these pitchyas are a small percentage). Click to enlarge.
This is in Mumbai, India at a [hard-to-pronounce] railway station. I love the blurriness with the still frame. And the architecture of the building is so elegant.
The North Pole??? No such luck. This is a view of Svalbard, Norway, at night with snow-covered mountains.
The vibrant colors are just shouting beauty and I just love how they adorn their wrists with gorgeous crafts. These are Maasai women in Kenya. 
These little girls in Brazil are wearing beautiful head wraps that make them look like young ladies. If only I could rock one as well as they do.
Vacation getaway to the South Pacific island of Tonga, anyone?? It's quite small and quite breathtaking. 

This might become a habitual occurrence on my blog- to display my findings during my internet travels. 

hoping to be an actual world traveler, 

p.s.- which photo do you love the best y por qué?


  1. The picture of Svalbard because it looks just like the Polar Express' version of the North Pole! Ah Santa, my excitement is that of a 5 year old when I look at it!

  2. Tonga-lets live in a place like that

  3. Me gusta la de Norway porque se ve muy bonito pero nunca me gustaria estar ahi. Odio la nieve. Prefiero verlo solo en foto.