Tuesday, April 12, 2011

freezie pops > a downpour

Dearest Life, 
       I am excited about the hopefully auspicious event of Graffiti Goes Out with a Pop(sicle)! What a good time it is bound to be. Please Lord bless us with favorable weather. I want the conviviality to be wildly out of hand. I want the merriment to be maximized and the enjoyment to be endless. 

       I had far too many cats and dogs fall all over me today. This pouring rain does not fly with me. It actually makes me angry. Please just let me be angry, I am not an angry person so it is unnecessary to press your optimism upon me- I am allowed to dislike something. And today that something is COLD, HEAVY RAIN. Thank you, Life.

       Let's hear a hip hip hoo-rah! for my social activeness lately. And doing it all without spending actual money (JMU dining dollars does not count). Reminding me of my extrovert tendencies is the energy and joy I gained from intentional time spent with many friends today and last night. Cowabunga! I'm surfing the waves of friendship. And it is refreshing.
(Great now I am even more dejected about the weather and yearn for the beach)

Parsimoniously yours, 

p.s.- Graffiti goes out with a POP! and I am left here with a sob. Such is Life.


  1. soon you will be in sunny Israel and Cali. No es justo, llevame contigo.

  2. COME TO BOTH(cali is prob more realistic)