Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tantalizing Tidbits

Dear Life,
       A good meatball can be as rare as an unbroken trampoline. (Doesn't there seem to always be something wrong with a tramp? no pun intended). I made chicken meatballs for dinner and they were good...but could still use some improvement. Excited to tackle that culinary challenge at a later date.
       And good friends are like sugar to the soul. And I love sugar.
Finding the perfect mood-setting music is a difficult task. Especially since lately my preferences have been ever so specific. "Light-hearted, foot-tappin, Jesus music" for getting ready in the morning. Or "soulful, yet uplifting R&B music" while I dance & sing in the shower.
Cooking is probably the hardest for me to set the perfect mood. James Vincent McMorrow was a decent choice, but perhaps too mellow.
      Today as I was driving I saw above a building an electronic sign that flashes words across. Well this is literally what I saw as I drove past: 
                                 "40 degrees..........Life........."

it's seventy-seven in San Diego, 

p.s.- Now of course the sign was a bank or insurance place, but I think it was really Life just messin with me, as usual. Oh ho ho Life, YOU SLAY ME.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"My home is deep in the forest, near the roots of the mountains"

Dear Life, 
       Whyyyy do you insist on cold weather? I aint tryna have that. But, the sunshine is a nice touch. 
Hey folks, here is some advice from me to you--> sing in the shower more often. Especially when you're in a good mood. Really lifts the soul. Now, go ahead and play some actual music whilest singing so it's not just your american-idol-wannabe self booming down the hallway, causing your roommate's ears to bleed. 
Also Life,  thanks for the somewhat swollen eyelid. Where did that come from?! PTL it's not pink eye like I was fearing. Story of my life: ailments from out of nowhere and a brand new pimple to match. SCORE.
Random is my middle name.

(it's actually Kathleen), 

p.s.- I wish my life was an extension of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Instead of Boresville, USA. Hence this post's title.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dear Lifey, 
       Gracias!! Thank you for decently warm weather as of late. Thank you for times in the morning when I am getting dressed/doing my hair and dancing to Michael Buble in front of the mirror only to bang my hip real hard against my desk- causing all dancing to cease but not without soliciting laughter at my life.
Thank you for chocolate chip cookies- seriously. 
Thank you for Israel. Because, oh did you hear, I am going there. I am going on a tour of the Holy Land. Which is Israel. The Holy Land (where Jesus lived and walked) is Israel and I am going there in May. 

Most of all (not really most of all) thank you for this video:
This is my new favorite video. (sorry if you don't speak español- real sorry for you)

filled with gratitude, 

p.s.- Did I mention I will be going to Israel in less than 2 months?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

To Whom (LIFE) it may concern, 
       My somewhat new-found amiga, Sarah Phelps, has inspired me to really write a nonsensical post (as if my recent posts have been so substantial). Here is an example.

The following fall into these categories a.) what does not make sense b.) weird stuff & c) how did that work?

--> When you light a candle and then stick your finger into the wet wax. It's the coolest. But how weird?? It is this oddly smooth liquid and then an immediate solid all of the sudden! And what is wax? Well I didn't wanna leave yall hangin so I looked it up. It's a California punk rock band. Wait a second...
      Now it may seem pretty obvi that wax is beeswax. But it can come from plants and even petroleum. Alright, now I'm bored so let's move on. 

-->  Razors. Didn't exist until much later in the earth's existence. Soooo did women just not shave their legs? I would hazard a guess that they did not. I do not even think that is gross. Men were probably used to it! SO UNFAIR. Shaving is a pain in my butt. (I won't even go near under arms here)

--> How come some people's hair can curl and others cannot? I'm not talking about naturally curly vs straight hair. I mean using a curling iron. What are the properties in one girl's hair that make it so difficult to hold a curl? I don't believe it is an issue of thickness because I have friends with both thin and thick hair who can curl theirs. It doesn't make sense. Poor Bradley, my housemate who would like wavy hair for just a day. 

--> The trumpet is super weird. It's also a lot more complex than I thought. Who decided that the sound of the trumpet was what was missing in music? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a good trumpet inclusion in my music (see here), but it is still bizarre. Often, when we think of musicians we might think artsy or free-thinking; but wouldn't it be like engineers or mathematicians/scientists who can build instruments? I feel like to get just the right sound/size/shape you gotta know physics. I'm blowin my own mind (without assistance from Eve & Gwen Stefani). 

Feel free to comment with your own nonsensical musings. 

p.s.- I don't think I have ever eaten beets in my life.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I keep bleeding for Leona

Dear Life, 
       So you forced my hand and I haven't had a facebook for several days now (I deactivated it). That may seem like such a short time but think about how often YOU automatically go to your browser, type in those first few letters: "f..a.." and then click the first link. Now imagine not doing that at all. Anyway, it really is weird to not spend as much time on the computer. I love it. I am also more accustomed to it since I did not have a facebook for 1 1/4 years. I do enjoy being void of it. But it makes me want to blog more slash look at blogs more. So please people, for my poor, facebookless sake, increase blog postings.
       Did ya'll know that if I could have any singing voice it would be Leona Lewis'? 
Well, now you do. 

Girl got some pipes.

Mmm hmmm, 

p.s.- I might also choose Sara Bareilles' voice, depends if I'm feeling soulful.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stop, Drop and Rejoice.

Dear Life, 
       1 Samuel 8:13 says "He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers". HOLLER. Oh, if only the Lord would tell my parents that. Now, I aint got a clue in heaven what a perfumer is, but I will gladly take baker or cook. [Insert hopeless sigh here]
        But Life, I am learning about freedom. And I am learning to have the freedom to enjoy what I find enjoyable. Rather than feeling guilty about being happy. Do ya'll ever feel that way? Guilty about being content? Now, the feelings of contentment and security don't come too often for me, I'll be honest. And I long for those. Then, as soon as they arrive, I may not even let them through the front door because I am nervous about this sudden change in emotion/attitude/circumstance. Who are these joyous and sunny strangers? My life is supposed to be hard, toilsome and full of shame. I can't indulge in good feelings. (Do you see the craziness in my deceived mind?)
      Anyway, the next time I feel good because of great time spent with friends, or a fulfilling run, or a beautiful day I am going to INDULGE THE HECK OUT OF IT. 

To fit in perfectly, a quote from my favorite devotion just came to mind, "Rejoice! is just as much a command as repent!" 

YES to brightness, 

p.s.- I think I will indulge myself in soaking up sunshine and eating Jack Browns this weekend. BOOM

Monday, March 14, 2011

Take me back to Urban Jungle

Dear Lifezorg,
      Well, before spring break I had reached a new level of expertise in the area of work avoidance. Really, if not doing work is a skill then just call me Gepetto (don't).
Now I am reaping what I sowed and working hard to meet deadlines. I hate school. 
Ironically I have had Hakuna Matata stuck in my head lately, yeah well I am far from worry-free. 

Anyway Life, spring break was ZE BEST. The gradivas got sleep, sun kissed and stuffed from good eatin. Take me back right now. Like really, where is Christopher Llyod when you need him?

       I was usin some of my sass against this lil 5th grader today and I am pretty certain he smirked and mumbled "man ima smack you". We were joking before but I still pulled out my teacher voice and said "Excuse me? Did you say something? I am still your teacher." 
I can't wait to have my own classroom. Señorita Bishop, that's me. (You know until the divorce happens then I'm Señora Beckham).

springing forward, 

p.s.- I didn't realize how adorable Koalas were until I went here last week. Thinkin about gettin me one of those (a million dollars if you know what show I'm quoting).