Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dear Lifey, 
       Gracias!! Thank you for decently warm weather as of late. Thank you for times in the morning when I am getting dressed/doing my hair and dancing to Michael Buble in front of the mirror only to bang my hip real hard against my desk- causing all dancing to cease but not without soliciting laughter at my life.
Thank you for chocolate chip cookies- seriously. 
Thank you for Israel. Because, oh did you hear, I am going there. I am going on a tour of the Holy Land. Which is Israel. The Holy Land (where Jesus lived and walked) is Israel and I am going there in May. 

Most of all (not really most of all) thank you for this video:
This is my new favorite video. (sorry if you don't speak español- real sorry for you)

filled with gratitude, 

p.s.- Did I mention I will be going to Israel in less than 2 months?

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  1. holy crap that video is awesome!

    oh my gosh youre going to israel!! thats sooooo cool. oh wait, i think im going too!! .... i think. i cant really remember. shoot.