Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tantalizing Tidbits

Dear Life,
       A good meatball can be as rare as an unbroken trampoline. (Doesn't there seem to always be something wrong with a tramp? no pun intended). I made chicken meatballs for dinner and they were good...but could still use some improvement. Excited to tackle that culinary challenge at a later date.
       And good friends are like sugar to the soul. And I love sugar.
Finding the perfect mood-setting music is a difficult task. Especially since lately my preferences have been ever so specific. "Light-hearted, foot-tappin, Jesus music" for getting ready in the morning. Or "soulful, yet uplifting R&B music" while I dance & sing in the shower.
Cooking is probably the hardest for me to set the perfect mood. James Vincent McMorrow was a decent choice, but perhaps too mellow.
      Today as I was driving I saw above a building an electronic sign that flashes words across. Well this is literally what I saw as I drove past: 
                                 "40 degrees..........Life........."

it's seventy-seven in San Diego, 

p.s.- Now of course the sign was a bank or insurance place, but I think it was really Life just messin with me, as usual. Oh ho ho Life, YOU SLAY ME.

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  1. whoa whoa. don't cut us short, it was 82 here. LIFE