Sunday, March 20, 2011

I keep bleeding for Leona

Dear Life, 
       So you forced my hand and I haven't had a facebook for several days now (I deactivated it). That may seem like such a short time but think about how often YOU automatically go to your browser, type in those first few letters: "f..a.." and then click the first link. Now imagine not doing that at all. Anyway, it really is weird to not spend as much time on the computer. I love it. I am also more accustomed to it since I did not have a facebook for 1 1/4 years. I do enjoy being void of it. But it makes me want to blog more slash look at blogs more. So please people, for my poor, facebookless sake, increase blog postings.
       Did ya'll know that if I could have any singing voice it would be Leona Lewis'? 
Well, now you do. 

Girl got some pipes.

Mmm hmmm, 

p.s.- I might also choose Sara Bareilles' voice, depends if I'm feeling soulful.

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