Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"My home is deep in the forest, near the roots of the mountains"

Dear Life, 
       Whyyyy do you insist on cold weather? I aint tryna have that. But, the sunshine is a nice touch. 
Hey folks, here is some advice from me to you--> sing in the shower more often. Especially when you're in a good mood. Really lifts the soul. Now, go ahead and play some actual music whilest singing so it's not just your american-idol-wannabe self booming down the hallway, causing your roommate's ears to bleed. 
Also Life,  thanks for the somewhat swollen eyelid. Where did that come from?! PTL it's not pink eye like I was fearing. Story of my life: ailments from out of nowhere and a brand new pimple to match. SCORE.
Random is my middle name.

(it's actually Kathleen), 

p.s.- I wish my life was an extension of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Instead of Boresville, USA. Hence this post's title.

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  1. i hate this weather. the sausage biscuit this morning helped make the day more pleasant. thanks lovely.