Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

To Whom (LIFE) it may concern, 
       My somewhat new-found amiga, Sarah Phelps, has inspired me to really write a nonsensical post (as if my recent posts have been so substantial). Here is an example.

The following fall into these categories a.) what does not make sense b.) weird stuff & c) how did that work?

--> When you light a candle and then stick your finger into the wet wax. It's the coolest. But how weird?? It is this oddly smooth liquid and then an immediate solid all of the sudden! And what is wax? Well I didn't wanna leave yall hangin so I looked it up. It's a California punk rock band. Wait a second...
      Now it may seem pretty obvi that wax is beeswax. But it can come from plants and even petroleum. Alright, now I'm bored so let's move on. 

-->  Razors. Didn't exist until much later in the earth's existence. Soooo did women just not shave their legs? I would hazard a guess that they did not. I do not even think that is gross. Men were probably used to it! SO UNFAIR. Shaving is a pain in my butt. (I won't even go near under arms here)

--> How come some people's hair can curl and others cannot? I'm not talking about naturally curly vs straight hair. I mean using a curling iron. What are the properties in one girl's hair that make it so difficult to hold a curl? I don't believe it is an issue of thickness because I have friends with both thin and thick hair who can curl theirs. It doesn't make sense. Poor Bradley, my housemate who would like wavy hair for just a day. 

--> The trumpet is super weird. It's also a lot more complex than I thought. Who decided that the sound of the trumpet was what was missing in music? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a good trumpet inclusion in my music (see here), but it is still bizarre. Often, when we think of musicians we might think artsy or free-thinking; but wouldn't it be like engineers or mathematicians/scientists who can build instruments? I feel like to get just the right sound/size/shape you gotta know physics. I'm blowin my own mind (without assistance from Eve & Gwen Stefani). 

Feel free to comment with your own nonsensical musings. 

p.s.- I don't think I have ever eaten beets in my life.


  1. 1. Why does no one I know play the keytar?
    2. Who first thought of short sleeves? Do they really keep us much warmer than a sleeveless??
    3. Lettuce is disgusting.
    4. Did you know that were going to ISRAEL in may? I just remembered.

  2. I think sleeveless came after the short sleeve? Well...maybe not. I dunno.
    Wait you're going to Israel??? so wild I am too