Thursday, May 16, 2013


I am copying Margaret Murphy because she is such a trend-setter. And my best friend. 

Lately I love...

  •  One-on-one time spent with friends- it's the best. I have enjoyed that with a few choice ladies this week.
  • Having lunch with 5th graders who make me laugh.
  • Holding newborn ducklings. As in, 1-day-old (kindergarten class has an incubator and the eggs hatched this week)!!
  • Sara Bareilles' new song, Manhattan.
Lately I loathe...
  • Bills...those awful white envelopes that you avoid opening for a few days :/
  • The cracked screen of my phone from when I dropped it weeks ago. 
  • My over the top, unbelievably unbearable, messy room.
Mostly I just...
  • can't wait for summer and SPAIN! 
  • need a haircut. These split ends are k-k-killin me. 
  • am stoked that I like broccoli sprouts because I don't like broccoli or lots of other veggies but I will eat these and then when I am old and gray and strong with a good heart I will think, "thank heaven for those organic sprouts!" 
Now here, listen to Sara and make your own list, 

Monday, May 13, 2013


      Italy is but a whisper. A dream I am hoping will be awoken into reality. I have never felt this way about a place before. Well, about an international place that is.

      I know that I might have an idealistic, overly romantic notion of Italia...but...I don't know...could it all be true? I mean the culture, the food, the people, the warmth, the color, the food, the history, the is all so enticing. And most people who have visited have very positive reports.

      I am drawn to the people just as much as everything else. They seem like my kinda people. Our neighbor (who is also our landlord) is 100% Italian. Lived in the states here for like 50 years and his English is still pretty rusty, his Italian accent in full force. He is a kind man, full of life and such a hard worker. I went over to their house to ask for more delicious organic tomatoes that he grows on a ranch in East county. We ended up talking and he literally cries at one point telling me about his heart transplant and how he prayed to some saint and is healthy now. It was so adorable. I told him how much I want to learn Italian and how I want to try his wife's delicious, authentic, Italian cooking.
He is from Napoli. Even the name is dreamy.

      Anyway, my heart aches for a real abundant trip to Italy. With no limits, going to all the cities I want. Getting a rich experience, meeting people, enjoying long lunches, diving into the sea, drinking wine, enjoying both the city life and most definitely the countryside.
Napoli, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, etc.

Some day. Oh Lord, please, some day

Thursday, May 2, 2013


      This morning I was journaling like the good Christian woman I am, and a prayer/hope/desire came into my heart that was just right on the money! 
      I want to go to Spain this summer and I want the Lord to do something radical in my life. I want Him to radically affect my spirit, my heart. No more soft spoken words, no more small movements of sanctification, but BIG, AWESOME, RADICAL REVELATIONS. Something that changes my relationship with Jesus; something that changes my worldview. 
Could this be the Lord telling me that He is going to give me a radical experience this summer? Could He be trying to prepare me for a month in Spain that will radically deepen my relationship with Him? I sure hope so. Man, I really want that. More than I want a nap on the beach right now (which I do, because it is supposed to be 85 degrees today & I'll be at work (but I love my job so it's cool (too many parenthesis inside of parenthesis (an inception of parenthesis)))). 

      Anyway, we'll see what happens. Hopefully it'll be rad.