Thursday, May 16, 2013


I am copying Margaret Murphy because she is such a trend-setter. And my best friend. 

Lately I love...

  •  One-on-one time spent with friends- it's the best. I have enjoyed that with a few choice ladies this week.
  • Having lunch with 5th graders who make me laugh.
  • Holding newborn ducklings. As in, 1-day-old (kindergarten class has an incubator and the eggs hatched this week)!!
  • Sara Bareilles' new song, Manhattan.
Lately I loathe...
  • Bills...those awful white envelopes that you avoid opening for a few days :/
  • The cracked screen of my phone from when I dropped it weeks ago. 
  • My over the top, unbelievably unbearable, messy room.
Mostly I just...
  • can't wait for summer and SPAIN! 
  • need a haircut. These split ends are k-k-killin me. 
  • am stoked that I like broccoli sprouts because I don't like broccoli or lots of other veggies but I will eat these and then when I am old and gray and strong with a good heart I will think, "thank heaven for those organic sprouts!" 
Now here, listen to Sara and make your own list, 

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