Monday, February 28, 2011

I need a nap and an empanada

Dear Lifey, 
I am getting bored of my blog layout. Are you guys bored of it? Does it deter you from reading often? Are you really that judgmental? But understand Life, that a talent of mine is not blog layouts or even caring to take the time and figure out how to change it. So you see we have come full circle.
Life what the heck I had such a spectac weekend with my brother, Joelila! So unlike you Life to bless me so. Although I don't think you deserve any credit (see here).
While Joelboles was here we ate some delish Venezuelan food which reminded me of the food I loved whilst in Argentina. Ugh, so great. Chorizo tiene mi corazon. 
Two practicum days, a test, and some homework standing in between me and San Diego. Rejoice with me. 

anxiously yours, 

p.s. hey folks here is a verse that has been my jam it up good --> "When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my path" Psalm 142:3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

quicksies postsies

Dear Vida, 
Dang, blog makin me procrastinate. It's not my fault I have no concentration slash zero motivation to study or do work. Whose fault is it? Probably this guys.
Brother Joel is coming tomorrowwworrowww. Can I get a woot? Why would you only give me a woot? You don't sound very excited...
Alright well I said this would be a quickie so I will sign off and leave you with this lovely song by Gungor that my beloved brother showed me (not the one visiting- I know they are hard to keep track of)...

loves me some banjo, 

p.s.- think I'm gonna do me some bakin this weekend so holla if you wanna get at it

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All my ladies say Haaayyyyy

Dear Life, 
       I want to learn another language. Being trilingual shouldn't be so hard, right? Unless that language is Russian. I mean my future in learning this language is bleak but it's still fun to youtube beginning levels and see how far I get. Devushka, proshu proshchenija. That means: miss, excuse me. COOL. (bee-tee-dubs I can now sing a Chris Brown song in Russian. DOUBLE COOL)
Get excited Life because tonight is Soul Train Tuesday with the gradivas. 3 words: Delicious. Black. Men. And I'll throw in another 2 words: House. Bonding. 
The score for my summer plans is still Life: 2, Me: 1. Life has two points for still not getting me a job or any indication of some productive plan, and I have one point for Israel. Ugh
If I eat a baked chocolatey treat but it's during a special hang out/study sesh with my bestie then that makes it healthy- right? I'm sure you can follow my logic. 

tummy full of chai tea latte, 

P.s.- raise the roof for my little broseph comin to hizzity Hburg to visit!  
P.p.s.- looking back I should have been more specific about Soul Train Tuesday. We will be watching a movie that stars attractive African American men. That should clear up any sketchiness.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Impatience is not a virtue. Crap.

Dearest Lifezone, 
       Sometimes one receives a Barnes and Noble gift card and sometimes one uses said gift card to purchase some pretty great stationary, music, books and movies. YES. 
Oh, thanks Life I just drooled a little (it's okay folks I have teeth whitening strips in. Tryna get me some pearly whites- don't judge).
And sometimes Life gives one the opportunity to raise money in order to go to the Holy Land- SHEMA ISRAEL. Das what I'm talkin bout. 
Also, Life, this weather has been quite lovely lately. So lovely it makes me suspicious. But, I shall lay my distrust aside and just be thankful for the current, sunny conditions. 
Countdown to spring break at home sweet home--> gorgeous San Diego slash seeing my mummy: 15 DAYS! I can almost feel the ocean breeze and smell the sushi waiting to be devoured.

too cool for school, 

p.s.- But really I need sun, sand, ocean and life without the worries of academics or Young Life. Sounds too good to be trueeeeee

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Have no envy, have no fear"

Dear Life, 
       Here's to Josua Radin concerts, girl scout cookies, and finding out your last-minute-homework isn't due until the next night! CAN I GET A WHAT WHAT!?
But Life, can you do something about my practicum teacher who says she is "go with the flow" and "flexible" but then when I submit my lesson plan asks me "where is this? How come you didn't include this? Why aren't you doing this?" WHOA. A time out for you until you learn to be more specific and answer my questions instead of saying you're fine with what I want to do and you'll hand me the reins. (But for realsie folks, she is a nice lady and a good teacher)
Also, I am actually looking forward to some cold weather so I can make these. And the answer is yes, if you are reading this then you are deserving of a glass. And yes to your second question, I will probably add kahlua. Whoops.
So Life, talk with Mother Nature who can speak with God and yall settle on how much snowfall you wanna send (in inches por favor).

Procrastinatingly yours, 

p.s.- I was too embarrassed to make mention in the actual letter about how I cracked a tooth this weekend. Really Life, really????

Friday, February 11, 2011

You need some lovin

Dear Life, 
      STOP. Not literally, that would mean deathzone. Just stop trying to dominate me. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am certain I come out on top. (John 16:33)
I miss my family. And my best friend, Jamie. They are good people. I tried clicking my heels three times but it just mussed up my fav boots.
News Flash! The world called and she said my mom is the greatest out of all the moms that she holds. Yeah, tell me something I don't know. (She didn't like my sass and hung up on me- whatever world you ain't mah home anyway)
Here is a preshy-presh photo of THE Karen Bishop, my Marmee.
Also Life, bummerzone that MJ is dead, but pretty sure his music lives on forever. If you don't get up and dance to this then follow these simple steps: 1. Remove stick from bum 2. Dance without a care. 
Glee version ain't too shabby neither.

shake and shimmy, 

p.s.- Bodo's bagels may not be a cure-all but it comes pretty dang close.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singin, cookin, and discipline

Dear Life, 
       Thanks for getting the most INAPPLICABLE song stuck in my head this week. Yes, Jack, I really do want to sleep in and make banana pancakes (especially with you (even though you are happily married (is this too many parenthesis?))) But unfortch, I can't do that because of things like class and leading Young Life, and worrying. Bananas are a great segue into a fun treat/dinner I made this week. 

Okay so this was super simple. I had bananas. I happened to have crushed pecans (from an intended pecan-crusted chicken that never came to fruition). I sautéed the bananas, toasted the nuts in the oven, sprinkled some sugar here and there- voilá! I had a cute little meal (should be a side meal but wasn't too hungry). Still could use more taste though, so I might consider candied nuts or my aunt suggested a little brown sugar.
Heeehanyway, thanks Life for letting me teach 2 more periods today! But big fat bummer for fifth-grader-Fabian who had to sit in the hallway for a couple minutes. You don't sass Ms. Bishop and get away with it.

ready for spring or some heavy snow fall, 

p.s.- Thank you Amelie Miltenberger for loving me despite my 4-year-old staining tendency and gifting me with a tide-to-go pen. U r da kewlest.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheer up sleepy jean

Dear Life, 
       First off, a special thanks to my friends, The Monkees
Sometimes I get really angry and frustrated about situations so I drive and honk my horn and yell. It's cathartic and I'm told I need to stop bottling up emotions. Thankful that I have a God who is listening? You betchya. For decades now (<--insert large exaggeration here) my camera has been dead but I recently charged it and on a whim carried it with me today. Thank goodness or I would never have taken this stupendous picture of one of my 8th grader's fun, family tree.
As you can see, this kid is ingenious. He's got Borat as the father of George Bush who naturally married Mariah Carey. They had a son and his name is Shaq. George's sister is Jessica Simpson (obvi) and she had 2 kids: Barack Obama and Taylor Swift. This kid is light years ahead of the rest.
Also Life, I am angry that Valentines Day exists, and I know you are responsible for it. Even if I had an adoring husband, I am confident I would still despise the holiday. 

enervatingly yours, 

P.s. Thank you Claudette, mi amor, for introducing me to plantains and their delish tastiness. Get it yall.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Change Up

I have decided to change my blog postings into more of a consistent format each time. I will be addressing Life in letter form. 

[Note: So I might be slightly obsessed with a certain blog written by a random, (awesome) young married couple called today's letters. My idea is not copying them, but I am sure they helped to inspire it. :) ]

here goes:

Dear Life, 
Thanks for sending yet another possum to Graffiti.  Although I believe possums (or opossums) come from the bowels of hell, I am, in a deranged way, grateful for the excitement, drama and hilarity it stirs up for my housemates and me. Also, Life has forced my hand and I conceded to purchasing 'teacher pants'. I mean, if I am going to be a practicum student twice a week (and soon a real life teacher- yikes!) then I need dressy slacks. Look out real world!

Unconcerned with the super bowl, 

P.s.- congratulations to one of my best friends Margaret Murphy for officially being accepted to Young Life staff!!!! Whoa Life, things just got real.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Reminder-- this is where I get my blog name from.  It was my very first blog post. 
Written by e. e. cummings

love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places

yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skilfully curled)
all worlds