Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheer up sleepy jean

Dear Life, 
       First off, a special thanks to my friends, The Monkees
Sometimes I get really angry and frustrated about situations so I drive and honk my horn and yell. It's cathartic and I'm told I need to stop bottling up emotions. Thankful that I have a God who is listening? You betchya. For decades now (<--insert large exaggeration here) my camera has been dead but I recently charged it and on a whim carried it with me today. Thank goodness or I would never have taken this stupendous picture of one of my 8th grader's fun, family tree.
As you can see, this kid is ingenious. He's got Borat as the father of George Bush who naturally married Mariah Carey. They had a son and his name is Shaq. George's sister is Jessica Simpson (obvi) and she had 2 kids: Barack Obama and Taylor Swift. This kid is light years ahead of the rest.
Also Life, I am angry that Valentines Day exists, and I know you are responsible for it. Even if I had an adoring husband, I am confident I would still despise the holiday. 

enervatingly yours, 

P.s. Thank you Claudette, mi amor, for introducing me to plantains and their delish tastiness. Get it yall.

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  1. oh kelly, loved it. I laughed mi trasero off. I am glad we got to experience together the greatness of fried plantains. Y escribe para ti. Te quiero