Sunday, February 6, 2011

Change Up

I have decided to change my blog postings into more of a consistent format each time. I will be addressing Life in letter form. 

[Note: So I might be slightly obsessed with a certain blog written by a random, (awesome) young married couple called today's letters. My idea is not copying them, but I am sure they helped to inspire it. :) ]

here goes:

Dear Life, 
Thanks for sending yet another possum to Graffiti.  Although I believe possums (or opossums) come from the bowels of hell, I am, in a deranged way, grateful for the excitement, drama and hilarity it stirs up for my housemates and me. Also, Life has forced my hand and I conceded to purchasing 'teacher pants'. I mean, if I am going to be a practicum student twice a week (and soon a real life teacher- yikes!) then I need dressy slacks. Look out real world!

Unconcerned with the super bowl, 

P.s.- congratulations to one of my best friends Margaret Murphy for officially being accepted to Young Life staff!!!! Whoa Life, things just got real.


  1. i would like to the vouch for the 'things just got real comment' and say i agree. just lost let myself think about the end and LOST it.

  2. i love the new style, probably because i'm obssessed with the same blog. and your teacher pants make you look hot. and thanks for the shout-out dearest :)

    ps- i like your about me.