Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All my ladies say Haaayyyyy

Dear Life, 
       I want to learn another language. Being trilingual shouldn't be so hard, right? Unless that language is Russian. I mean my future in learning this language is bleak but it's still fun to youtube beginning levels and see how far I get. Devushka, proshu proshchenija. That means: miss, excuse me. COOL. (bee-tee-dubs I can now sing a Chris Brown song in Russian. DOUBLE COOL)
Get excited Life because tonight is Soul Train Tuesday with the gradivas. 3 words: Delicious. Black. Men. And I'll throw in another 2 words: House. Bonding. 
The score for my summer plans is still Life: 2, Me: 1. Life has two points for still not getting me a job or any indication of some productive plan, and I have one point for Israel. Ugh
If I eat a baked chocolatey treat but it's during a special hang out/study sesh with my bestie then that makes it healthy- right? I'm sure you can follow my logic. 

tummy full of chai tea latte, 

P.s.- raise the roof for my little broseph comin to hizzity Hburg to visit!  
P.p.s.- looking back I should have been more specific about Soul Train Tuesday. We will be watching a movie that stars attractive African American men. That should clear up any sketchiness.

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  1. no russian, too hard. Let's learn another language together. French?