Thursday, February 24, 2011

quicksies postsies

Dear Vida, 
Dang, blog makin me procrastinate. It's not my fault I have no concentration slash zero motivation to study or do work. Whose fault is it? Probably this guys.
Brother Joel is coming tomorrowwworrowww. Can I get a woot? Why would you only give me a woot? You don't sound very excited...
Alright well I said this would be a quickie so I will sign off and leave you with this lovely song by Gungor that my beloved brother showed me (not the one visiting- I know they are hard to keep track of)...

loves me some banjo, 

p.s.- think I'm gonna do me some bakin this weekend so holla if you wanna get at it

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  1. this is me holla'in. oreo covered in chocolate chip cookie dough? YES PLEASE.