Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stop, Drop and Rejoice.

Dear Life, 
       1 Samuel 8:13 says "He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers". HOLLER. Oh, if only the Lord would tell my parents that. Now, I aint got a clue in heaven what a perfumer is, but I will gladly take baker or cook. [Insert hopeless sigh here]
        But Life, I am learning about freedom. And I am learning to have the freedom to enjoy what I find enjoyable. Rather than feeling guilty about being happy. Do ya'll ever feel that way? Guilty about being content? Now, the feelings of contentment and security don't come too often for me, I'll be honest. And I long for those. Then, as soon as they arrive, I may not even let them through the front door because I am nervous about this sudden change in emotion/attitude/circumstance. Who are these joyous and sunny strangers? My life is supposed to be hard, toilsome and full of shame. I can't indulge in good feelings. (Do you see the craziness in my deceived mind?)
      Anyway, the next time I feel good because of great time spent with friends, or a fulfilling run, or a beautiful day I am going to INDULGE THE HECK OUT OF IT. 

To fit in perfectly, a quote from my favorite devotion just came to mind, "Rejoice! is just as much a command as repent!" 

YES to brightness, 

p.s.- I think I will indulge myself in soaking up sunshine and eating Jack Browns this weekend. BOOM


  1. i will do the same things you mentioned in the your "p.s." can we do them together?!?

  2. oh oh include meeeee!! i want to do all of those things.