Sunday, April 10, 2011

Like what you like and be who you be

Dear Life,
       I love playing Ultimate Frisbee. I love being on a team of people who are going to try their best, not just to win but because it feels good to care and be fervent about something. Many people don't understand competitiveness in sports but boy I sure do. Ultimate is a sport I feel confident in. I like being an integral part of a team. Because in volleyball, yeah I can hold my own and might not be bad, but still. It's like might not be bad for your health but it's not hugely improving it, either. In frisbee I feel more like grapes or lettuce (not quite the gnarliest vegetable/fruit). I like strategizing when to cut in and where to send the disc; how to flick it so it arches over that guys head & into my teammate's hands. Sports can sometimes be an art form.
       I was talking to a very good friend of mine about being who we are and being okay with who we are. I thought of how I enjoy sports and being competitive. Often I feel like I should apologize for that. Perhaps it's the stigma that only men can get roused up about athletics, or that it is not Christian to want to win or to care so much about a game. I call it passion. And I take personal affront to those who claim I am not being "lady-like". 

I grew up with 4 boys, 

p.s.- What is something you might feel silly about being passionate towards?!


  1. I have realized I am a lady, but often don't act very lady-like. Oh well.

    I agree with you K. Bish- the same thing happened to me when I played basketball earlier this year.

    Trying to book my tix for SD 2k11 round dos.

  2. following nasty Barney's blog. And ashamed.