Wednesday, March 7, 2012

on major choices & sweet trips

What if I move home??
What if my life completely changes, not just geographically (as if that isn't big enough) but socially, vocationally, spiritually, etc etc ??

I can 'what if' until the cows come home (which they won't...its California). But, I am praying and wondering and seeking and reading and receiving counsel.

This weekend I am going to Manhattan and I am very excited! Saturday I will literally be bakery-hopping. My friend writes a food blog/column for an online magazine and so she does things like this on the reg. She sent me 5 links which contained more links to New York's tastiest donut shops, bakeries, cupcake joints, and MORE. I came up with 6 places for us to "sample" our way through. Tomorrow will definitely bring a long run in preparation for a sugary weekend. 
i go home in 13 days.

p.s. I forgot a happy cow is a California cow. I'll retract my former statement.

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  1. Who are you going to manhattan with!? Ah sounds so fun. I lava you