Saturday, October 1, 2011

On current happenings

Dear Life, 
       I went to Dayton Days with Amy, and it was lovely. A chilly day to use an understatement, and yet it was a sign that the season is changing, and I got to bundle up which honestly I enjoy doing sometimes. But, don't mistake me for a lover of winter. Certainly not! It was blissful to stroll down the festival streets with my Shmames and stop at cute stands with hand-made crafts. Gorgeously painted pottery with bright images of trees and country landscapes-- RIGHT down mine and Amy's alley! Hand crafted earrings, homemade candles and maple syrup, uniquely built and painted birdhouses, etc etc. I could use up an entire blog entry on just this "2011 autumn celebration". But I shant. :)
       Leading my small group has been a grand blessing! And as I have heard their hearts, their struggles and their desires for this next year I am whisked back to myself as a freshman. And through leading this small group I have been so encouraged by my own growth. The Lord has given me a glimpse of how far I have come in my process of being a follower of Christ. It is so cool! I wish I could tell these girls, "you're going to be okay! You will learn these things, you will make mistakes but you'll turn out just fine and still in one piece!". I do not know why this season has been somewhat filled with self-confidence and just more assurance in who I am, but I am truly thankful to God for it. NEAT-O!

progressingly yours, 

p.s.- Cheers! to a spiced cranberry candle that brings a whole new meaning to autumn aromas!

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