Sunday, October 23, 2011

On pressing issues

Reasons why cleaning my rooms sucks: 
  • lack of fun
  • consumes time I could use to sit around and do nothing or be eating or watching my 10974th episode of Gilmore Girls
  • my room is small and dark & therefore already a less-than-great atmosphere to be in let alone clean
  • I'm afraid what I'll find underneath my 20-foot deep pile of clothes
  • I don't enjoy doing it (see bullet #1)

Reasons why one shouldn't wear "Jesus is my homeboy" t-shirts:
  • it does not make any sense
  • it is confusing- is He your homeboy and your Savior? Is He your friend? Do you just think he held good values? 
  • It is apathetic- comes close to making a statement of belief, yet doesn't.
  • lacks reverence for God
  • Pamela Anderson wore it once


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