Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Bodos

Scribbled down whilest in the aforementioned place of rapture [directly taken out of my journal]:

         So, of course, Jesus is my constant source of joy. But, can a pastrami provo on everything bagel from Bodo's be just under that?! I just...I just love food, and this particular meal has 3 of my favorite things- meat, cheese & bread. I just know Paula Deen would love this sandwich. She really would. It has mayonnaise on it! Bodo's makes me feel like a glutton because I can never get enough. It is so filling and yet I could eat another one. I would feel like sh*t afterward but it would be a delicious experience until then. The saddest picture in the world is 1/4 of my bagel left on my tray. Knowing I need to savor these last bites. Would Bodo's hold such a place in my life/heart if there was one in Harrisonburg? I feel like yes...
Bodos is one of the earthly things I hope heaven holds. Along with chick-fil-a, ultimate frisbee, and the banjo.

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