Friday, October 28, 2011

On adam and eve blowin it for all of us

Dear Lifecakes,
      So I have been sick lately. Like the nasty-green-phlegm-scratchy-throat-blowing-my-nose-24/7 kind of sick. It's awesome. What's even more awesome? It messes up my sleep at night and I wake up to a hacking cough or to blow my stuffy noise. NICE! 
I know you are loving this post already. I think a cold like this is def a product of the fall of man. 
What else is a product of the fall? When your jeans get a hole in the inner thigh part. Ladies you know what I am talkin about. It is quite the depressing discovery. Let's just tell ourselves it is because the fabric on the jeans is too thin...
Another fall-of-mankind product: when you unload the dishwasher only to discover half the dishes did not get washed properly and might even still have remains of the food that was previously eaten off of them. We had a cruddy dishwasher at my house in San Diego, and we would always bellow at the devil when we unloaded! BELLOW I SAY. 
Alright, I'm being dramatic. 

Moving on, oh! oh! BIG news: MY ROOM IS CLEAN. haaaahhh!
It looks good, too. Like really good. Like I think my leather desk chair was hitting on my organized closet. I had to tell them no inner room dating. Leather desk chair took it pretty hard, but Liana just reorganized and cleaned out her room, so I think he'll be able to move on.
Also, I made some carrot cake with maple and cream cheese frosting. Can you spell B-O-M-B? 
It was something new for me so I am pleased. My next endeavor--> tackling a chicken chili for Shire dinner!

culinarily yours, 

p.s.- ssnnnggmmmmm aacchhhkkkkk...oh sorry that was just my nose and throat being sicknasty still...

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  1. i can hear you cursing at all these byproducts of the fall. miss you. love you.