Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On what matters

"I just want to be beautiful". 

        A phrase that I would hazard a guess every female on the planet has thought at one point or another. Okay, large embellishment? Whatever. Regardless of what their idea of beauty is, or in what context, it is still something girls desire to be thought as. Beautiful. Attractive. Desirable. I'm thinking...'worth it'. Or being someone's first choice. Are any of yall feeling this? Are you thinking- "YUP" ?
What a heavy thing to carry around. It's exhausting! Even on my best-looking, most positive outlook day I could still find something wrong, or a reason why some charming dude has not swept me off my feet and declared I am exactly what has been missing from his life. (And if you already have that charming dude, you still want to be beautiful, it doesn't disappear).

        As I struggled with this one evening, I glanced at my bedside table and saw a small piece of paper I had purposefully placed there a week prior; it reads, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God".
Now, maybe what seems more satisfying/like a better solution to glance at is "God thinks you are gorgeous" or "You are beautiful exactly the way you are".
But this is better. I can relax and quit worrying about my outward appearance because it is nothing to do with the kingdom of God. And THAT is what matters and what I should seek after. What a beautiful conviction. It is not selfish. And it is of utmost importance. Such a better focus for me.

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