Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On worrying

Dear Lifecrap, 
       I have this song lyric I very much love...so much so that I have written it fancifully on a piece of cardboard and it sits in my room in order to be seen and to remind me.

                "Cuz I got a lot of walkin' to do, and I don't wanna wear my worried shoes" 

As it goes in the song you would discover it is much more dramatic and with necessary pauses. Life, I am here to tell you that I do not want to worry anymore!!! How much of my time is spent worrying?! Too dang much I'll tell ya. Worrying about what people think. Worrying about my future [insert ominous music here]. Worrying about what to wear. Worrying if I'll find a husband. Worrying about BLEH. I need to stop worrying- YES, even when things are absolutely, positively, without a doubt not going my way. I would like to practice that. Obviously it goes hand in hand with trust. Isn't that a pretty picture? Fingers interlocking, woven together and they belong to Mr. Trust and Mrs. No Worries. 
I know, I know...it sounds idealistic huh? Well, we would not do a lot of things if we thought the idea was so lovely as to be preposterous. So hold me accountable will ya, Life (slash reader slash God)?

preposterously yours, 

p.s.- after doing some research I see that my song was in Where the Wild Things Are. Not only did I NOT hear this song from that movie (I've had it since high school), but I will formally announce my dislike of that movie. Good Day.

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