Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On far off places

Dear Life, 

      It is time for my national geographic findings PART DEUCE. 
You may or may not remember this post. Without further ado... 
We begin with Auckland, New Zealand (click to enlarge). This one goes out to my dear friend and roommate, Liana, who will soon be traversing through these parts, embarking on new adventures. America can never keep her long enough ;)
Along the harbor this photo stands out to yours truly because I have always loved the view of boats on the water...can't quite pinpoint why...perhaps it is its peaceful quality. And it holds the hope that soon the vessel will be off at sea!
I do love a good nature photo but I really love a good capturing of people. Different people, unknown people, cross-culture people. I couldn't resist those jubilant faces. These adorbsiebabes are amidst the barley fields of Mustang, Nepal. Maybe the reeds were tickling them :)
A classic bar in Havana, Cuba. This photo shares with us the cultural richness of Havana. Oh how I would love to order some expresso or perhaps a Cuban liquer from this spot and just people watch! Apparently Ernest Hemmingway has strong influence on this local bar. He was a fan of Cuba so Cuba is a fan of him.
This charming photo was taken in old town Quebec, Canada. I. Love. This. I want to stroll along this street during the holiday season and think warm thoughts. It is Canada's oldest city so I bet it is has the fullness of history, too. 

      Well, that was simultaneously exciting and depressing for me. Now I want to travel. But, I must remind myself how content I am to be living in the Shire. This place can be pretty exciting, and when it's not- well I welcome the dullness and ease, ya know?

still high hopes to travel the world, 

p.s.- Okay folks I am dying to know which photo you liked best or which place you would want to visit?!

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