Monday, September 19, 2011

On Letters

Dear Life, you can throw this chilly weather at me but I am unaffected by it in the cozy Shire. Plus, it makes my morning jog less sweaty--> scorezone! Dear Shirefolk whom I live with, you have made this season warm and joyful for me. I feel blessed to live with you fellow hobbits. And EACH of you makes me laugh until my sides hurt. Dear Jesus, I love the fragrance of your name. I love your gracious nature that teaches me to forgive. Dear Wailin' Jennys, you are my autumn muse. I am thoroughly pleased to have stumbled upon yall on my Nickel Creek Pandora station. Keep singin those sweet melodies to me. 

steadily moving forward,

p.s. yes, perhaps I borrowed this idea from my favorite inspirational blog. Sorry not sorry bout it.

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