Monday, November 29, 2010


Jeffrey Phillip Bishop
--> Jeffreybear, Mr. Bear, Bear: that is the progressive evolution of Jeff's nicknames. Each one of them is still currently used in some fashion by someone in his life. I hop around but generally like to stick with the throwback and original, Jeffreybear. Also not included is what my mom calls him- "feffernooten"...nobody knows.

Moving on, Jeff is SO weird. Seriously. But mostly it is endearing. Jeff is the least like the rest of us Bishop kids. But that is probably a good thing. It just means his humor is nicer and he isn't as loud.
Mr. Bear is such a sweet heart. When I think about him I think of him as my protector and a good listener. Growing up, if my parents were fighting or if I was really upset about family stuff, Jeff was always the one to come to my room and sit with me or see if I was alright. 
He never makes me feel stupid or talks down to me, ever. It is so easy to talk to him about my life or the Lord. I guess I would put it as this: he really shows me that he is so happy to have a sister. I feel loved. 

Bear loves movies, he loves books, and he loves music. He knows so much about actors, directors and just film in general. I always go to him when I want to know if a movie is any good. And talk about a book worm! He will challenge himself in what he reads, and that might mean he reads Don Quixote or it might mean he reads Twilight. If something has received fame or accreditation then Jeffreybear is interested in finding out why. His music taste is bizarre and eclectic. Most of my family do not like (some might even say hates) what he listens to. I probably have the most overlap with him as far as music taste goes (and I still can't stand much of his stuff).

Jeff loves the Lord so much. He can be more of a timid guy, but when I see him most out going is when he is loving the Lord, praying, or talking about what he has received from Christ. I am so confident in his steadfastness with Jesus. The Lord has his heart and I am confident will always hold his heart, because that is how Jeff wants it.

Bear likes dragons. Bear likes Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Bear loves manly movies with war and violence and action sequences but he has been known to watch Gilmore Girls and a Freddie Prince Jr. movie with me (Boys and Girls). Bear likes to play Frisbee and basketball. And something many people don't know something about Jeffrey Phillip Bishop...he likes to dance. Especially with ME.


  1. Love you, but my name is Jeffrey Philip Bishop. Trevor is Dayton. I got Granddad's name and Trevor got Bompa's. And you forgot to include that since I am a bear I sometimes accidentally eat children. Completely on accident.

  2. Kelly,
    This was beautifully written...a very touching ode to a terrific brother!