Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yeah you got that somethin

My lovely teammate and I were in the car listening to "I wanna hold your hand" by the Beatles and I believe we were both just thinking- "awwww".  I told her I thought this song was so perfect for Christians because we can sing it and not feel bad about wanting the lyrics to be true. There is nothing inappropriate, sexy or vulgar about the simple joy of wanting to hold the hand of someone you like. Ahh life. 

The first time I held a boys hand was freshman year of high school. I found out Brian Russel liked me and boy was I thrilled. I had never heard of a boy liking me enough to want me to be his girlfriend! So even though I didn't know Brian very well (we both loved Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and he went to the same youth group I did) I decided to be his girlfriend. Honestly, I mainly did it because it felt so nice to be liked and to have someone. Hey I was 15 okay? Anyway, so Brian took me to the movies (with my best friend and her boyfriend OF COURSE I couldn't go with just him!!) and we saw...ah I can't remember...I feel like it wasn't a movie I totally enjoyed. Whatever, Brian had real bad breath that night. To this day still a big turn off for me. And I knew he was going to go for the hand holding. I think one of my friends may have even told me that he wanted to hold my hand. 
So of course he grabs my hand and we're interlocked, very still, for the entire movie. Like I think my hand was numb because I was just so nervous so I just let my hand sit in his, and by the conclusion of the movie both of our palms were extremely sweaty. As the movie ended I was dying to wipe mine off on my pants, which I did as soon as I stood up. But we wouldn't dare joke about that to each other.
After that I got used to holding his hand everyday during lunch time. Unfortunately Brian and I did not go the distance in our ever-so-deep relationship. Clearly I'm still wounded. 

Thanks for takin a walk with me down nostalgia lane :)

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