Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what a day

Balance. I think today was a balanced day. 

I wake up early to go to the school and it's raining. I am not particularly fond of rain but whatever because it means I get to wear my favorite shoes- my pink rain boots! Silver lining. 

I go to class and watch a depressing movie. Literally...it was about a quadriplegic of 20 years who wanted Euthanasia legalized for himself. 
It's okay because in that same class I find out I really only have 2 more classes I have to attend for the rest of the semester!! BOO YAH. 

Spent some wonderful time in prayer and praising the Lord. He showed me a lot of hard stuff but you know I'm just thankful I serve such a real, loving and teaching God. Good stuff.

I had a tough conversation with someone but it needed to be had. 

Then I go to pick up one of my wyldlife girls for dinner and my car ONCE AGAIN has the check engine light on and begins bouncing every time I try to accelerate too much. I'm worried Martha is dying. I'm not a very good owner :/
(a nice young man with a very thick country accent did stop & really wanted to be sure we were alright and didn't need help...my 8th grade friend then proceeded to call him my boyfriend the next 10 minutes haha)

As much as that sucks it's okay because I am headed to celebrate the wonderful engagement of a friend who I am so happy for :)

....then I have to study for a test tomorrow.

ohhhhhhh life.

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