Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Same thing next week, please

It's a real treat having a friend of mine and fellow young lifer as a professor. Kristi Doubet is my professor for an instructional methods class (secondary education course). I enjoy her as a person and equally as much as a teacher. I suppose sometimes I forget she is my professor and tell her things as Kristi, not as Dr. Doubet. This is a story about the result of said actions.

Last class we were put into groups to work on our knowledge of proper assessment making...yadda yadda yadda. Well, I was in a group with a young man in my class who I happen to find quite attractive (understatement). Yes, yes that's right how funny Kelly admitted to finding a guy in class good looking, something I am sure none of you have thought right?
WELL, after class I received a text. It was from Kristi (Dr. Doubet). Kristi was asking me if I enjoyed how she strategically placed me in a group with the aforementioned good looking peer. "WHAT? Oh shoot did I tell you about that?" was my response. "I did enjoy it but I was also quite distracted from the task". Kristi apologizes for that & says "but you didn't seem to mind ;)"

And those are the privileges of knowing your professor on a personal level outside of class. She just might be your best matchmaker.

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