Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Trevor Dayton Bishop!
-->T-Bird, Trev.  (second oldest)
Oh Trevor, the life of the party. And I say that without an ounce of sarcasm. It is so comforting to have Trevor around because he is the least awkward person I know. He is very personable. It helps that the amount of humor in just his big toe far outstretches the level of hilarity any average person attains in their entire lifetime. Too much? Well it's my blog so I'm allowing a bit of hyperbole.

But honestly, Trevor is probably the funniest person I know. I love how he has such a stunning gift to see something comical in any situation. I enjoy taking life a little less seriously and with Trevor I can do just that. I feel free to make light of things around him and it's nice that he and I have reached a point in our relationship where we both make each other laugh. Cuz I gotta tell ya, much of my life ambition is to gain the approval of my brothers and that definitely included having Trevor think I am funny. 
And if Trevor told me I was funny, I would believe him because he rarely (if ever) says something he does not mean. He will very genuinely pay you a compliment or encourage you in some area. He loves to love people, to bring people together, to make new friends (sound familiar--> kinda like yours truly:)

T-Bird is so bright. There are so many things he is good at and can excel in. He knows SO MUCH about sports, he is a fantastically witty and talented writer, creative as all get out, impressively analytical, and has got a nice set of singing pipes as well.

He loves the Lord and he loves to love the Lord. He isn't afraid to worship his heart out to God, he won't shy away from praying or telling the Lord what is on his mind. He has never abandoned his faith. He may get frustrated or confused but he'll keep pressing on.
I like that Trevor is a funny guy but can be real and enjoys the regular deep conversation. He'll share such wisdom about God's character and love with you, and put it in a very new way but still full of truth. I like that he comes to ask me about girls, or see if his outfit is classy or whimsical (whatever look he is going for that night).

T-bird loves the Chronicles of Narnia, he loves the Chargers, the Padres and the SDSU Aztecs. T-Bird will make brownies or cookies at 12am for no reason and be happy to share them. He can quote a thousand lines from Braveheart, the Simpsons, and Wedding Crashers. He'll give you a run for your money in basketball, Frisbee or football. (But challenge him to something in the pool and he will humbly tell you his little sister can tread water/swim circles around his cramped-up body hahah)


  1. I love my sister so much. Not because she writes things like this, although beautiful and touching, but because she is truly the most special, amazing, talented, real and beautiful person I know. I see how cool God must be to craft someone as unique and incredible as my sister. Are you kidding me, God? Bravo, Jesus, Bravo.

  2. K-Bishy. Your blog is giving so much insight to your fam.... its like I know everyone, so with that said.. Can I come over for family Christmas with the Bishops?? See you in Cali-ville.