Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here's a thought: Things can always be worse. 

Really, they can. And in this moment that thought is actually encouraging me. Because my problems are not so big and scary when I think of how much worse they could be. And I don't mean grand life alterations, like I could be a poor orphan in Africa, but even just adjustments to current life situations.
For example, I could be an only child. I could go through difficult things with my parents and have no company or soldiering siblings along for the ride. Instead, I have 4 brothers. Granted, these four brothers can cause me some pain and frustration, but I would be lost without them (and probably more dull too).
I could live with non-Christians who I cannot relate to or who don't understand my way of living. Living with 8 girls can be a challenge, but at least they all know and love the Lord! 
I could not only lead with a guy I dated but also have classes with him. Not even being spared in a school setting from constant encounters with him. I'm just being honest, that would be worse, my current situation is not as bad in comparison.
I could have a poor relationship with my dad AND my mom. As it is, even though things with my dad are terrible, I have the best mom I could ask for and a wonderful relationship with her. (That one I actually do a good job of remembering to be thankful for).
I could hate leading Young Life. Sure, it is a tough, at times discouraging ministry, but I feel so called to do it. How awful if I bitterly and grudgingly went through the motions of leading! I really am glad that I get to share Jesus with middle schoolers.

So, pretty simple. And not the best way to always handle your problems, but it helped me tonight. 


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