Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Give me freedom or give me ingenuine blog posts

I have found myself doing what I wanted to avoid most! 
I have been shamefully writing to an audience. Most of the time, not every time.
Kelly STOP caring what people think

So I had this notion that this blog needs to be filled with my spiritual revelations or wise discoveries, but I am steering off that course a bit and headed for a more relaxed, perhaps even silly destination. GASP!
More posts about nothing because sometimes those even have the most something. 
(I'm still gonna include my spiritual discoveries as well- they are a big part of my life!)

So here's a start: Today I ate lentils for the first time. They weren't bad. 
And I wore a scarf that was very pretty but not worth the compliments considering how often I struggled to make it fall around my neck just right.

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  1. yo tambien acabo de comer sopa de lentejuelas. Muy rica de Shenks. Te la recomiendo!