Saturday, November 12, 2011

On true life

True Life...I have addictions to the following things:

  • Purchasing earrings...studs, dangles, hoops, floral, bronze, buttons, etc etc       I WANT THEM.
  • Bodos bagels. DUH.
  • Chick fil a. I mean shoot, I work there dude. 
  • Talking to my mama on ze telephone. Sorry for loving my mom a ton...JEEZE. 
  • Putting "-zone" after words. But come on, it's coolzone. 
  • On a more pathetic level...probably facebook. Damnit.
  • And my roommate Nichole. Purely platonic and I still maintain it's good for my health. Back off bro you don't know me!!!
Now go listen to Simple Plan's whiny voice in their song Addicted. And if you're Sarah Wilson you probably loved this song in 8th grade.

 [This was in no way intended to make light of addictions. oh wait...I guess that is entirely what this was. shoot.]

1 comment:

  1. I'm addic, I'm addicted to you. I actually hated them because I thought they were trying to take over Good Charlotte's territory- just as embarrassing, I know. On another note, JEW came on the radio today... ah, now that's a band to be proud of. Love you.