Sunday, November 17, 2013

moving out, moving in

My new housemates...

own a Bob Dylan album on vinyl. I mean, come on.
sit around in the living room doing various things, in a quiet that is not uncomfortable.
make up funny names for the cat. Names that sound like a mobster or dictator.
let me pick a ribbon out of her ribbon box.
play piano really well and it makes me all peaceful when he practices.
offer friendly conversation when they come home.
made a chore chart (not so stoked on that).

My new roommate, Lemon...

laughs at my jokes.
will let me play whatever music I choose while we do work.
offers me tea when she makes some.
has great conversations with me about what the Lord is doing in our lives.
will go out with me for margaritas at Miguel's right down the street.
doesn't care when I fart. She farts, too. Go figure.
shares her stuff.
is one of my best friends.

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