Thursday, October 10, 2013

long time no see

      Lately I have been thinking a lot about you, Blog. I have had at least 4 streams of thoughts that gave me the idea, "I should write about that on my blog". But I didn't. Because when I actually do have time to write I just don't feel like it. Or I forget the great revelation/insight/funny anecdote in it's entirety. 
Anyway, maybe this is the beginning of more posting. The re-beginning. Picking up where I left off. 

      All I have to say is this: How can the one thing that brings me so much joy, fulfillment, and wisdom be the same thing that causes me so much frustration and confusion?

      I am referring to God. My faith. Oh the ups and the downs. I've been following Jesus for 15ish years now and sometimes I feel as if I still don't know nothin'. #beingreal

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