Saturday, January 21, 2012

On little things

Dear Life,
      Sometimes it's the smaller kindnesses in [you], or the little experiences together. 
Today, on a gloomy snowcapped afternoon, after waking up at 730am on a Saturday to go into work, I returned to this

      My dear friend Amy Callahan had left me a sweet gift on the doorstep. We haven't had hardly any time to spend with one another, and it really stinks cuz we love each other. But this cute letter and a gift that has a funny/special meaning to both of us was just what I needed. I often say that gifts are not a love language of mine. But, when they are so specific to me/my preferences, and are a surprise, then I feel loved. :) 

Also, the previous night Annie, one of the lovely girls in my freshman small group came over. We ate burgers from my favorite place, watched a movie, and baked cookies from scratch. I really love hanging out with Annie. And, it started snowing last night so she spent the night and I tucked her in bed and read her a golden chapter from a good book. 

It's the little things we take the time to do for people or give to friends that can often mean so much. 
I am usually not so cheesy, but hey, I do LOVE cheese.

fondly yours, 

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