Sunday, January 29, 2012

On cheese

      This evening 10 freshman girls (from my small group) came over to my apartment and we had a single goal in mind: to read the Bible? Neg. To watch a movie? Boresville. To hang out and have fun? Closer...
To eat cheese.

      I am telling the honest truth when I say that we went to Martin's grocery store, bought at least 7 different kinds of cheese, plus grapes, cherries, bread and crackers, took them back to the Shire and had a feast of cheeses. Now, depending on who you are that either sounds delicious or revolting. Well it was a combination of the two. 
      The night started out in total excitement-- at our previous Bible study we had all agreed on how much we loved cheese. So, my brilliant idea was to have a "cheese party". 
So tonight as the spread was slowly getting devoured we were raving over this fabulous idea & how scrumptious the various cheeses were. 
      It did not take long before stomachs were churning, heads were hurting, and noses could not stand the scent of a single slice of cheddar, nor the smoky aroma of Gouda, nor the potent garlic herb wedge. 
      However, this did not stand in our way of having a rip-roaring good time. 
Amazing how the eveing began with quotes such as, "guys you seriously don't understand how much I love cheese" and "Oh my gosh sharp cheddar, yes!!" and "you can never have too much cheese". By the end of the night I heard such exclamations as " I will never eat cheese again" and "What does this much cheese do to your body?" and "Let's have a different themed party next time, like ice cream". 

No regrets. I still love cheese, and because of it I love my small group EVEN MORE. 

but seriously. What WILL this much cheese do to my body? I feel ill.

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