Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Humor

HUMOR. It's great. 

Humor is like wine for the soul. Or maybe just alcohol in general. Wait, this is taking a turn down a street I'm not comfortable with. 
Anyway, It makes you feel good, when you have it you're cool, and without it life can get boring. (Did she just basically say alcohol makes you cool & without it you are boring???)

Humor helps me cope with so much. In an entirely healthy manner. My family might use humor concerning serious or sad situations, but it is only so we do not just avoid the subject altogether. 

Being able to make light of something can be a big replacement for the following: irritation, wallowing, stress, anger etc etc. 
For example, sometimes when something is so sad- I laugh. I am not kidding. It is as if the situation is so utterly ridiculous and pathetic that I HAVE to laugh!!! It even happens at inopportune times! Like with someone else's problem! I might start to grin, or suppress a giggle during their hard stuff because I find it humorous!! Their pain is not what is humorous, but something in me chooses to find it funny that life can be so cruel sometimes. I mean, take this entire blog for crying out loud! I write letters to Life using sarcasm, wit, and humor to comment on often sucky circumstances.
My old Young Life teammate once said he loved that we can laugh about how we would hate going to visit the school in the morning. Even though we were willingly giving up sleep to "love on kids" at the crack of dawn, we still joked about "ending it all" by swinging my car into a 16-wheeler. Morbid, but hysterical to us at 730am.

I grew up with brothers who could make a joke in church, while my parents were fighting, at a sentimental wedding, at an awkward family function with relatives we hardly know, or right after a bad break up. You name the setting, Trevor, Matt and maybe Joel had a comedic remark ready in their pocket to break the tension. I am thankful for that. It really is how I cope with things, to laugh at them. And I don't hate it.

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