Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matty Matt Man

GAH! It's been a while. But that doesn't mean I love Matt any less! 

Matthew Joseph Bishop
--> Matty Matt Man, Matchubear, Matt (middle child)
Matt is my most overprotective brother. But it's alright because he also happens to be the most intentional and loving with me. Matt and I clash a lot but we always end up alright in the end. I have developed a real friendship with Matty. You know when you might be having a horrible day or you're really upset about something and several people pop in your head whom you would most like to talk to? Well Matt is one of those people for me. I know he will listen and genuinely care and want to help me. And He will never give me the Jesus response. I hate the half-hearted Jesus-y answer that doesn't leave you feeling any better or with any better insight on the situation. 
I like to think of myself as a pretty real person, as in I don't like to be fake. Matt has a very honest and real relationship with the Lord. I think he has always been a form of encouragement for me because I know he struggles, I know he gets frustrated, I know he has been dealt similar crappy hands in life like I have, but he has always loved Christ. I don't think he knows how much that has meant to me. To know that he won't belittle my doubts, or patronize me for my struggles, but he will empathize and still push me towards the Lord. Just as he has pressed into the Lord through his trials. 

Mattchubear and I also have really similar humor. Especially because Matt has always thought I was funny. And like I said, I crave the affirmation of my brothers. Matt and I have A LOT of inside jokes and a lot of stuff in common. (Well, I actually have a lot in common with all my bros, but still) We both love Scrubs, we both love the movie Hitch, we both like to curl up & moan and groan about how life is so lifelike.

Matty loves sports, especially San Diego State sports. Matt is a die hard Aztec basketball fan- that team is literally lucky to have him. Matt likes to play ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball and wiffle ball. Matt is so friendly and social, he is really easy to be around and makes friends easily (like all my brothers). Matt likes to be active, appreciates a good adventure, and a good Mexican burrito as well. He sticks to his convictions but is still teachable. If he had his wish, he would go barefoot everywhere. :)

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